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Watching Rocky was an amazing experience. The movie was an emotional masterpiece. It had my hopes going up and down the entire time. I would get sad, laugh, and pumped in the matter of 15 min. The whole idea of determination was the main focus in this movie and Stallone did a very good job of doing this. Rocky was a street fighter and not respected to being a formidable opponent to a heavy weight champ. Of course the famous, “Rocky Training Music” gets the viewers pumped enough. But having Rocky be humiliated in front of everyone, then show them all wrong, lets you really see how much a fighter he is. His whole attitude towards life and his fights is hilarious.

Rocky Training Music


Rocky then competed against the best in the world. No matter how boastful his opponent, Apollo Creed. It also shows how determination is a tunnel vision for Rocky. He doesn’t care about the distractions. He blocks that out and fights. He doesnt treat it like a game. He fights. Apollo Creed thinks it’s a joke by dressing up as Uncle Sam and saying, “I want you!” to Rocky and the fans. Rocky treats it like a real fight of course and shows how his hard work and determination makes him the ultimate fighter. He downs Apollo within 3 rounds, showing he means business. By showing true colors and fighting with your life on the line will get you results.


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