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Golf as a Team Sport

In english, we’ve been preparing for an event called a BRAWL which is basically where teams of people analyze a book and whoever does the best wins.  I’ve been incredibly happy with everybody in our group because they have all prepared and or answered the questions they were assigned.  Even if they didn’t perform well (but they did!) I would still be happy because they actually made an effort to prepare for it.



In golf, I’m the same way.  I know that all of my teammates generally prepare for matches and they all practice hard.  That’s how they got their spot on the team in the first place so I think the best thing to do when somebody plays bad is to be supportive.  People don’t understand that nothing feels worse than letting your team down.  So to have somebody, ESPECIALLY A TEAMMATE, give you a hard time afterwards, it’s horrible.  That person already feels terrible, so why make it any worse?  The best thing to do is to either say nothing or talk to them about what went wrong.  I know this is probably tough for some highschoolers, but really, just consider how that person feels.



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