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Recently, my golf game has been struggling and I realized I’ve been lacking any structure.  I haven’t been doing much to really get better.  Sure, I was practicing, but the practice wasn’t effective.  I like to call it maintenance practice because I wasn’t really hurting my game, but I certainly wasn’t doing anything to make it better.  Maintenance practice I’ve realized is unacceptable for anybody who is as hard on themselves as I am.  The only reason I’m saying this is because it dawned on me that I was upset with myself for not playing better after matches, when I wasn’t practicing to get better.  So I had nothing to complain about with the amount of effort that I was putting into it.  I needed to make blueprints for success.


There was no real focus in my practice sessions, but there needed to be if I was ever going to get better.  So I began tracking my stats whenever I hit the golf course and it was no surprise that I was struggling in several aspects of my game.  I decided that the focus of my practice sessions would be whatever was hurt me the MOST because I figured that was the fastest way to lower my score.  So, I spent a lot of time focusing on short game dedicating probably 70% of my practices to short game.  The other 30% would be improving minor things in my swing or whatever else until my short game got better.   Amazingly, after I did this, all it took was time and effort and I saw my game get better.  Moral of the story: always practice to get better and do it efficiently.  After all, whats the point of practicing if it ultimately doesn’t help you?



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