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The Fundamentals

The other day I got out on the golf course and Iwas hacking it up.  I really was taking the scenic route around the course, I was probably in the trees or in the rough 8 out of the 9 holes.  I got back and I was clueless as to what was wrong with my swing.  Fortunately, I’d learned not to come up with quick fixes for my swing because I’ve decided quick fixes are extremely harmful to my game.  So instead, I’m sure all of you who play golf know, most people have a set of basic fundamentals.  Kind of how in English class, we’re supposed to analyze parts of a book with some basic questions that generally help you gain a greater understanding.  I decided that my fundamentals were the following:

  • Grip
  • Ball position
  • Posture
  • Rhythm


Now, are these very important to me? Yes.  To you? Maybe, maybe not.  That’s what I want to talk about.  When you get past to that level where you are your own teacher for the most part because you don’t need an instructor or you don’t want one or whatever the case may be, it’s time to think about YOUR fundamentals.  I emphasize YOUR because a lot of people like to adopt other peoples’ ideas.  And while that’s great and all, I don’t always approve of this.  It’s about finding out what works best for YOU, not what works best for other people.  So, if you want to truly discover your fundamentals, it’ll take some time.  It just takes practice and it especially helps if you take notes.  It’s amazing what taking notes can do for your golf game, it makes it much easier to remember what works and what doesn’t work for you.  Bottom line, find out what makes your game the best it can be and when you’re struggling, remember it.





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