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How Baseball can be like the Battle Field

     Baseball can be great in its moments, but honestly, the mystery can kill you.  This post will be told the high school age audience, describing how there are other ways to get to the next level. So if you are on a high school baseball team, this can be good and bad. First, the coaches can suck. Like bad. They obsess over winning at a freshman level or don’t care about the player development at all. They play their “favorites” that feel obliged to put in. To solve this problem a new league is being formed and is coming well online its way. This league is for high school player that either don’t have a high school team, have coaches that run the program that aren’t worth playing for, or players that simply don’t feel the need to play high school ball. This league was looked down on by college coaches for about 2 years, they thought that these high class travel teams were stealing players from high school. The coaches soon came to realizes the reason why they played here instead of high school and now these games attract all sorts of coaches/scouts. These games are played at “showcases” and scouts/coaches come to watch the players at their best. These games are live streamed on the internet and can be viewed by anyone who wants to. Also, they stats are saved on a different website for anyone to see.


     Like a battle scene the field can be the same way. Fighting for a position is huge deal. At the higher level, everyone works hard. The only thing that separates you from your teammates is who works harder. Time and Greed. In this case the greed is good. The want for a position has to be strong or you are going to get beaten every time. You have to want it so bad that you will die for it. The saying work hard play hard is completely correct. You just got to be the hardest worker out there regardless of who is watching you. Some players just work hard in front of the coaches so they can get play time, which is obvious when it comes to game time. After their 5th error in a game they are at rock bottom. Instead of 5 putouts when they worked and practiced ground balls for hours religiously.



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