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Something pretty special about the game of golf couldn’t be said any better by Tiger Woods.

Tiger woods quote

“You can always become better.”  ALWAYS.  It’s pretty crazy to think that perfection will never be achieved in golf.  Even Ben Hogan who had the best golf swing to date said that he never got that perfect swing.  He felt he came fairly close, but it wasn’t flawless.  That’s whats so addictive about golf.  It’s that one moment of glory, that one perfect swing, that keeps us coming back.  After that one perfect swing, all you want to do is repeat it.

– Chris


One comment on “Improvement

  1. Jason
    January 30, 2014

    It’s true, Chris! You will always achieve some sort of degree of perfection, but there will always be someone out there to try and beat. That one moment of realizing, “I’ve done it!” is what keeps us going on through our ups and downs. Keep up the great work!

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