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The Grind

The word grind in golf usually means to play golf at the best of your ability even when you’re having an off day.  It’s never giving up.  While that’s great and all, I heard something today that changed my view on the word grind.  In tale of two cities, there is a chapter talking about a grindstone.  First, what is a grindstone?  It’s a circular stone thats continually turned to sharpen tools.SharpWell picture it like this: practice is the grindstone and our game is whats being sharpened.  The more and more a golfer practices, the sharper his or her game becomes.  You want your game to be as sharp as a knife!  A lot of people expect to do well without practicing, but it generally doesn’t  work out.  Their games are dull like a worn out knife, difficult to use and terribly impractical.  However, over time, anybody can learn to play the game of golf well if they’re sharpening up every time they hit the course.  Little by little, they can greatly reduce the number of flaws they were accustomed to, and eventually they will have an acute understanding of the game.  Be sharp.  Be keen.  Be aware.  Improve.



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