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Leaving it up to Fate

Some times in baseball and in life you just need to sit back and go along for the ride. Don’t be confused on what im saying. This doesn’t mean don’t have fun or don’t’ take any initiative. It means don’t get wrapped up in the moment/situation. In class before the break and this week we are readying a book called Tale of Two Cities. There is ton of symbolism in the novel, but the one that stands out to me is the weaving/knitting. The knitting represents the Fates from Greek mythology. The Fates are the three beings that determined when you were born, how long you lived, and when you die (or your death). The Fates themselves determined this and you, yourself, had nothing to do with it and couldn’t change them. This is the sole reason while baseball is the BEST sport to be invented. It relies on the unknown. Once you hit that ball, there is no knowing what happening, whether it takes a bad hop or even a bird hits it. Who knows. Once you throw the ball, who knows what’s going to happen. The runner comes and hits the 1st baseball just before he catches its. Who knows. Thats why some people make the excuse “the baseball gods aren’t with us today.” This is what makes baseball the BEST sport that exists. The Fates also explain hitting. First of all, hitting takes muscle memory and has to be driven into the mind. When the time comes to put the practiced motions into action it is up to Fate. Yes, I understand it can be controlled by practicing more. But the chances of doing every single mechanic and whether the fielder catches it or not is not your control anymore.

I understand that this picture is religious, I am not trying to insult or disgrace anyone.

I understand this photo is religious, I am not trying to disgrace or insult anyone. This picture just illustrates my thought of the “Baseball Gods.”


3 comments on “Leaving it up to Fate

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  2. tigerfam1
    January 21, 2014

    I agree, sometimes as athletes we try hard to control everything, we stress out and stop performing well. Sometimes its just better to let the game take over and go with the flow.

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