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The Golf Mindset: Mid-Round

Golf is a game.  99% of the time, the people playing the game generally play it to have fun, so why isn’t that always our mindset?  I’ve been reading A Tale of Two Cities and one of the symbolic characters is just a man sawing a piece of wood.  Whenever something good happens, he stops sawing the wood.  However, as soon as that’s over, he continues his work.trecutter

Eventually, the wood is going to snap if he keeps sawing it.  That’s how a lot of people’s golf game is.  They do one good thing and they’ll stop beating up on themselves for a little while and then soon they’re back at it when something doesn’t go as planned.  Some people don’t even acknowledge when they’ve done something good and they keep sawing away and eventually, they snap.  They get angry, they lose focus, something happens and it could have been completely avoided if they had a larger perspective.  The perspective that enables them to see that golf is a game and the game is meant to be fun.  If people remembered this, they would stop chewing themselves out for every little mistake and it would let them focus on the task at hand which is just playing golf.  Next time you’re out on the course, try to be an optimist and look for something positive in every shot you hit.  It just might help.

– Chris


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