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  For those of you that don’t know, Darren (the other writer on this blog), my friend Noah, and myself are all going to be creating a group dedicated to helping others with daily tasks.  So, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss when you should or shouldn’t accept help on the golf course from others.

 Golf help

When To Accept Help

You should ALWAYS accept help from a swing coach if you schedule a lesson with them.  The best players in the world have coaches that they rely on, that’s saying something.  You have to get rid of any doubts or thoughts you have about them and just accept their advice.  They definitely know more about the golf swing than you do if they’re a paid professional, so you have to begin a lesson with an open mind.  You have to be willing to learn, in order to actually learn.

Charles Barkley


When Not To Accept Help

When somebody’s swing doesn’t look exactly the greatest, for example we have the legend Charles Barkley up there, odds are you shouldn’t accept advice from them.  A rule of thumb is that when anyone tries to just randomly fix your swing in the middle of a round, completely ignore them.  It sounds narcissistic, but in reality you probably know a lot more than they do about your golf swing.  So just disregard the advice, and do your thing.



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