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The Productive Mindset


Golf is a game of improvement, everybody is trying to get better and change their approach to things.  Some people might say that experimenting with new things and or changes is a bad thing, but I disagree.  The thought that something should constantly be changing and growing is a great idea to have because people are bound to eventually improve when they set out to achieve their goals.  This is what I call the productive mindset which is usually essential for golf.  It’s not to be confused with the idea that all people should achieve perfection in their golf swings, but rather that they should strive to improve their weaknesses and further fortify their strengths.  Ever heard the phrase “strive for progress, not perfection”?  Well, this is probably one of the most helpful things that I’ve ever come across.  It helped me tremendously because perfection is not possible in the golf swing, one can come very close but it doesn’t just happen.   It happens slowly, one step at a time.


That’s all there is to it.  If golfers focus on small steps, they wouldn’t have so many problems with their larger goals, a person can’t just suck and say “Alright, starting today, I’m gonna be good,” it doesn’t work that way!  It’s like those stairs up there.  Continuous climbing is the only way to truly succeed at anything in most aspects of life.   So golfers, try to take things one step at a time when you’re looking to improve.  You might be amazed with the results.





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