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Locked In

     In all aspects of life, being focused at the task at hand is going to help you get things done. In all of my classes at school I have been given time to work on homework after class. As long as I am locked in and ready to work at any time, I can finish or come close to finishing my homework every time. The same goes for baseball. Recently, during the World Series, the Boston Red Sox have come out on top. The series is definitely not over, but the Red Sox look VERY sharp and focused at the task at hand. In my opinion, David Ortiz has had the most focus out of all the Red Sox. In just the World Series, he has had an average of .733 and an OBP (on base percentage) of .750. In other words, he hits the ball 73% of the time and gets on base 75% of the time. The difference between these two percentages is OBP is influenced by other things like walks, hit by pitch, or reaching on base by a drop 3rd strike. Anyways, to have a batting average of over .300 is considered impressive, but a .733! That’s godly! During the postseason, in this case the World Series, for players to buckle down and show the focus that he has shown, makes winning the World Series possible for the team.

Big Papi (David Ortiz) goes deep in game 1.



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