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Is it Possible to be Content with Baseball and Still be a Pro?

Hey! This is Darren and this week in class a thought was brought up. The topic was that if you are content with your life then you shouldn’t change. Once I read this in my 4th period, I thought to myself, “What would sports be like today if this were the case?”  Tons of thoughts rushed into my head that I would love to share! Now remember, this is just my opinion on being content with life and change, there are tons of different ways to interpret this topic.

            First, if being content means you don’t want to change then sports wouldn’t exist in the first place. Athletes are people who strive to be the best in what they do. In their case, its their sport. If any of these athletes were content with their skill level then we would all be star athletes! Think of it this way. If at one time all of us didn’t know how to play baseball in the slightest, we would all have the same skill level right? So, if everyone is content with their skill level then we are all pros! Awesome right?! No, if we all have the same skill set then it wouldn’t be fun! Just getting a tie every game? Nobody ever winning? At least that doesn’t sound fun to me.

Then I thought, ok, let’s just say the worked hard for the first portion of their life until they were professionals. Although, once they got there they were content, or in this case, satisfied. This means all players don’t care whether they are good or not, just that they made it to the highest possible rank they could go. Now that players are at the top, there is no competitiveness, just a job they have to go to everyday. For example, Shane Victorino, for the Boston Red Sox (as much as I hate this team, I have to give this player credit) hit a grand slam during this year’s postseason play. Do you think he is content with this? Yeah, maybe the end of the game, but his next at bat, his expectations would be just a bit higher. Wanting to change the way he plays with his boosted confidence, wanting to help his team win the world series, and wanting to be the best for everyone to see. Just one hit isn’t going to be it for him, he is going to want more and not just quit thinking that that one hit was it for him and he did his part.


           After I thought about these things I figured that it would be just plain selfish to be content with ones skill level at baseball. Here, let me make this more clear, imagine this. There is a little boy in the stands that looks at a player and says, “Daddy I want to be just like him.” Then the player acts lazy and doesn’t care how he looks like to others watching. This boy sees you as his idol, role model, and superstar. Are you going to be so selfish to where you can’t even give the effort to play baseball the right game? This is why being content doesn’t even come into the picture when it comes to baseball or any sport if that. Me myself making these hypothetical stories might seem strange, although I am just trying to make a point. Play, work, and do the best you can. No matter what the case. For an athlete’s case, “Play the game the right way, because there’s a little boy in the stands wanting to be exactly like you.”

Kid at baseball game


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