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How to deal with anger on the course


  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  You have a bad round or in some cases you hit a bad shot and what happens? You get angry.  Anger isn’t a terrible thing, it’s a reminder that something has to change.  Anger is terrible when people start breaking clubs or yelling or anything that disrupts other players.  Because once you disrupt other players, you’ve basically decided that if you can’t play well, nobody should.  Anger usually makes people do irrational things on the golf course, and it tends to tighten up the muscles making people hit it shorter and be more prone to injury too.  Here are some easy steps to overcoming anger.

1. Understand that everybody has bad days

 New Zealand PGA Championship - Day Two

Just because you play golf doesn’t mean that you’re on the tour.  With that being said, professional players have terrible rounds too!  What makes them so good though is the way that they deal with it.  They finish their round and practice what affected their game.  Very rarely do you ever see a professional player get really heated up, and that’s because they practice to make sure that doesn’t happen.

2.  Lower your expectations 

Bad golfer

This would help any amateur enjoy the game more.  You can’t have high expectations when you play golf and have fun.  Trust me, I’ve tried!  The reality of it is we all make mistakes, and people need to stop striving for perfection in a game where perfection doesn’t exist.  It’s possible to get very good at the game of golf, but there is always room to get better.

3.  Take some deep breaths

Beautiful Golf course

Take a moment to breathe.  Deep breaths may sound like old news to you, but have you ever actually tried it? It keeps your heart rate down and allows you to refocus on your shot.  Look around to see where you are.  You’re privileged enough to be playing a game somewhere beautiful.  Just relax and enjoy it!



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