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  Golf is frustrating no matter how good you are, but why is that?  Ever wondered what makes people on a golf course mad? It seems pretty silly considering people … Continue reading

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Watching Rocky was an amazing experience. The movie was an emotional masterpiece. It had my hopes going up and down the entire time. I would get sad, laugh, and pumped … Continue reading

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Golf as a Team Sport

In english, we’ve been preparing for an event called a BRAWL which is basically where teams of people analyze a book and whoever does the best wins.  I’ve been incredibly … Continue reading

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Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

     You got to look like a player to play like one. Things to make you feel good are easy to get. Evo shields, tape, and eye black and/or … Continue reading

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Form a Plan

Recently, my golf game has been struggling and I realized I’ve been lacking any structure.  I haven’t been doing much to really get better.  Sure, I was practicing, but the … Continue reading

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Check Ups

     This week in class we have had reading check quizzes. In baseball, check ups happen all the time. You have to be ready at all times to join … Continue reading

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Brawls on the Field

Okay, fights on the baseball field, let’s be honest, they are fun as heck to watch. Although, for the players its not as fun. Everyone who participates in a brawl … Continue reading

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